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Intro to PSP consoles

The original PSP console was launched in December 2004, and has gone on to become one of the most popular handhold gaming consoles in the world, selling over 70million units across four generation of console.
Dubbed ‘the walkman of the 21st century’ at its launch, the console is gearing itself up for a fifth generation due to be launched in November 2011, although has lost much of its emphasis because of the rise of the tablet computer, and in particular Apples iPad.

The PSP has a 4.3inch diagonal screen in the middle of standard Playstation controls, and displays graphics which look similar to the graphics experienced on a Playstation 2. With a 480z272 pixel screen, the device is also capable of playing movies via its UMD slot, a form of mini disc supported by Sony and several film studios for the purpose of selling games and films for use on the device.



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Sony Confirms Vita Won't Support PS1, Turbo Grafx Games at Launch

A few weeks ago, Famitsu released a PS Vita FAQ containing information regarding the successor to the PSP. Buried inside the FAQ was info about "Game Archives" support by the system, with the FAQ mentioning that the system might not support it at launch.